Top 5 Cloud Computing Trends for You and What They Offer

Better Security

Tech behemoths such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft use encryption to keep your information safe and even smart, and experienced hackers can’t pass them.

Every time you try to log into your bank account for example from somewhere the software finds insecure, it will send you an email asking for your identity and a few minutes later send you an SMS with a code you need to enter in order to get logged in.

Data Management

Everything we do on the internet by downloading videos to merely surfing it generates data which must be kept somewhere.

These Clouds will develop in such a way that will keep everything in case you will ever need it.

The Internet of Things

Even though the name might creep you out, you can connect to the internet using technology but not really connect to the internet.

It will expand in tandem with the cloud’s capabilities and keep everything stored.

Cheaper Storage Options

Because a lot of people are using the cloud, the supply and demand modify which means that the storage options will get cheaper.

Every company wants to access your data in order to customize their products and make them more suitable for you. But how can they keep so much data? They would need to pay a significant amount of money to do so which results in the storage options’ prices to become lower.

Another way of cutting costs would be to have data storage mates just like your roommate in University dorms. You will be able to share the cloud with everyone you want.

The Hybrid Cloud

In case of the server crashes, you will have a copy of everything you have stored on the leading cloud.

This will save you and every other person who is struggling, sometime.

Nicole Hicks

Nicole Hicks a graduate of UFT. She’s based in Toronto but travels much of the year. Nicole has written for NPR, Motherboard, MSN Money, and the Huffington Post. Nicole is a financial reporter, focusing on technology, national security, and policing.


Source: Top 5 Cloud Computing Trends for You and What They Offer