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Google’s Chat

Google has unveiled a new messaging system, Chat, designed to replace SMS text messages on Android phones.

Chat will have modern messaging features, such as group texts, videos, typing indicators and read receipts, which are not available on SMS texts, and will reportedly be integrated with the default messages app on Android phones.

According to The Guardian, unlike traditional texting, or SMS, most ‘over-the-top’ messaging services like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Apple’s iMessage circumvent the cell network operator by sending messages over the internet.

On Thursday, Google said it was “pausing investment” in its mobile messaging app Allo, which was launched in 2016.

ZTE’s response to U.S. ban

Telecoms vendor ZTE has responded to the U.S. government imposing a seven-year ban on Chinese purchases of American components, by branding the move “extremely unfair” and “unacceptable”.

In a statement on its website, ZTE said it “will not give up its efforts to resolve the issue through communication, and we are also determined, if necessary, to take judicial measures to protect the legal rights and interests of our company, our employees and our shareholders, and to fulfill obligations and take responsibilities to our global customers, end-users, partners and suppliers”.

It also said it has engaged “a prestigious U.S. law firm” to conduct an independent investigation into the matter.

The U.S. Commerce Department claims ZTE violated the terms of a sanctions settlement and, as such, barred the Chinese company from buying any components from U.S. suppliers until 2025.

Webroot’s route to MSPs

Webroot is increasingly leveraging RMM platforms to target MSP partners, according to the firm’s VP of worldwide business sales, Charlie Tomeo.

Speaking to Channelnomics, Tomeo described the likes of ConnectWise, Kaseya and Continuum as “the new age distribution model for us”.

He said the security vendor – which has a hundred percent channel sales model – has “seen the most growth from a channel standpoint through them” since deciding to focus on the MSP space five years ago.

“We tailor our products to what we feel is an under-served market, which is the SMB space…and it is the MSPs that are managing these SMBs,” he said.

He said the firm would “continue to put investment into the SMB and MSP space””

Qualcomm’s layoffs

Qualcomm is cutting 1,500 jobs across multiple divisions at its offices in California, according to a Reuters report.

The job losses are part of the chipmaker’s promise to investors to cut annual costs by $1 billion, it says.

The company revealed its plans in a regulatory notice that was filed with the state of California on April 18.

Specifically, Qualcomm will cut 1,231 jobs in its San Diego office and 269 from its San Jose and Santa Clara offices.

The report quotes a Qualcomm spokesperson as saying the cuts are needed to support long-term growth and success.

U.S. tech’s reliance on foreign workers

A new study from the National Foundation for American Policy, shows that U.S. tech companies are relying more on skilled foreign workers using H-1B visas, “reflecting the strong demand for high-skilled talent in the U.S. economy”.

According to the study, Amazon, Microsoft, Intel and Google were among the top 10 employers for approved H-1B applications in FY 2017, and they all saw increases of more than 10 percent from the previous year.

The report notes the importance of H-1B temporary visas, “as they are typically the only practical way a high-skilled foreign national working abroad or an international student educated in the United States can work long-term in America”.

However, fewer visas are being used by Indian outsourcing firms, which the research attributes to the trend toward services such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence, which require fewer workers, plus “a choice by companies to rely less on visas and to build up their domestic workforces in America”.






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