The Looming Storage Crisis

The “perfect storm” of events that led to the current shortage. The new year sees us smack in the middle of a storage crisis. This has been building for some time, and several things have conspired to create a perfect storm for storage. Naturally, this will affect everything else in the datacenter. First up, flash has been doing a great job for almost a decade now. Piece by piece it’s been whittling away high end hard drive sales. This has had the domino effect of reducing both R&D spend by HDD manufacturers as well as investment in production facilities. It is generally accepted that 2017 will be the last year 15K RPM drives are produced, and that 2018 will probably see the last of the 10K RPM drives. Tipping Point Over the past 18 months, flash got so good that everyone started buying it, and everyone started selling it. The storage industry reached an inflection point, and there has been no going back. By the middle of 2016, the sweet spot was the Samsung 3.84TB SSD. Everyone seemed to want these to form the backbone of their storage offering. Several large datacenters went up in 2016 and are going […]

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