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  • Venture Capitalists Target Enterprise Cloud

    social-sharing-top The cloud is nowhere near a “new” technology, but it did take the enterprise a few years to trust the tool — particularly amid the rise of public clouds. This week’s B2B venture capital (VC) roundup shows investors have a spot in their portfolios for startups disrupting the enterprise cloud space, from cloud computing to storage. Plus, other B2B FinTech firms that rely on the cloud also received funding. In total, more than $193 million made its way to…

  • Dropbox Chief to Join Elite Ranks of Idea-to-I.P.O. Founders

    close story-meta Photo Drew Houston, Dropbox’s chief executive, will soon join a small club of tech founders who took their start-up all the way through to the public markets. Credit Earl Wilson/The New York Times SAN FRANCISCO — When Drew Houston played computer games like Starcraft in high school, he made some changes so the games ran more smoothly on his friends’ computers. “He created this one little application, and it would basically display everybody’s shared files, and then if…

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