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  • Tech sector fears fallout from Microsoft data privacy case

    Some in the tech sector look at Microsoft as a savior these days, fending off possible government intrusion on privacy. A lawyer representing Microsoft went before the Supreme Court Tuesday and helped justices decipher the mysteries of the internet and how data is retrieved around the world in a case involving Microsoft and a data center it owns in Europe. At stake in the case is whether the government can compel Microsoft to turn over the email of a suspected…

  • Supreme Court to Hear Microsoft Case on Emails, Customer Data Stored Overseas – WSJ

    Feb. 26, 2018 5:30 a.m. ET WASHINGTON—Technology companies will square off with law enforcement on Tuesday as the Supreme Court hears arguments on whether emails and other customer data stored overseas are subject to U.S. search warrants. The case is one of several legal battles on law-enforcement access to private online data, and it requires the justices to interpret a law that Congress wrote before email and cloud computing were part of everyday life. A federal appeals court, in a…

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