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  • 7 out of 10 people are vulnerable to data breach while disposing off their devices

    The devices analysed in the study were procured from individuals, online portals & resellers across multiple locations. Global data care expert Stellar has conducted and announced findings of the world’s largest known study of residual data in used devices. The study analyzed a sample size of a total of 311 used devices comprising hard drives, memory cards, and mobile phones at Stellar’s central laboratory in India. The analysis revealed that a majority 71 per cent of these devices contained personal…

  • 3 smart ways to back up and manage digital files – KnowTechie

    Consider the amounts of digital information you have stored on your phone, laptop, DSLR, GoPro, and other devices. Scans of old tax returns. Twenty thousand pictures and hundreds of videos. Financial records and mortgage applications. All of this information is valuable and would present a severe emotional and (and possibly financial) blow if the information was lost. Especially when it comes to personal devices, most users simply do not backup their data, due to the time involved, or they simply…

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