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  • IBM expands storage systems to enable modern digital business strategies – SiliconANGLE

    Storage has not historically been a high priority in terms of overall business strategy. But with new shifts in digital business focused around extracting maximum value from data, businesses of all sizes are facing an increased need for improvements in the flexibility of their systems. As big data elevates business processes across the board, companies like IBM are working to keep up with industry trends and competitive customer needs. “Storage is … one of the … critical foundations you have…

  • Cloudian raises $25M in cash, $100M in credit to fund ‘composable infrastructure’ shift – SiliconANGLE

    Object storage appliance maker Cloudian Inc. is joining the “composable infrastructure” trend with a combined round of investment and loan financing that will enable it to offer pay-by-the-drink licensing. Composable infrastructure is a cloud-inspired approach to deployment and licensing that physical compute, storage and network resources as services. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. has popularized the concept with its Synergy offering, which delivers computing resources as an integrated platform that can be spun up or down as needed, with customers paying only…

  • Modernizing data infrastructure

    It’s a year and a half into the partnership between Hortonworks Inc. and Syncsort Inc. that is centered around modernizing legacy data stores and infrastructure. The results so far? The synergy between Syncsort’s high-performance data integration and Hortonworks’ modern data architecture solutions is creating a seamless experience for their common customers, according to Chief Technology Officers from both companies. “In the Fortune 500 enterprises — insurance, healthcare, telco, financial services and banking — there are a lot of legacy data stores….

  • Splash! Cloudera, DataStax and IBM all jump into big data as a service pool – SiliconANGLE

    The red-hot concept of big data as a service is getting a boost from no less than three major companies this week as Cloudera Inc., DataStax Inc. and IBM Corp. all roll out new offerings. Cloudera today will introduce Cloudera Altus, a platform as a service initially running on the Amazon Web Services Inc. cloud that the big-data vendor says can help data engineers use on-demand, elastic infrastructure to speed the creation and elastic data pipelines and quickly move them…

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