IBM Spectrum Scale

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  • IBM Spectrum Scale 5.0 Release – What’s coming !

      IBM Spectrum Scale Version 5.0 has been announced at Super Computing 2017 and is scheduled for general availability by the end of December 2017. So what should you expect from this release of the solution that IDC has rated the world’s No 1 Software Defined Storage – a one stop-shop for unstructured data workloads that require the very best performance and scalability? This latest release has been developed to meet the needs of the US Department of Energy CORAL…

  • Containers And Persistent storage

        Share this post: Containers are a hot topic — and IBM is listening. IBM is rolling out persistent storage solutions to make containers easier to implement and more resilient. Why use containers? Containers are an open source technology that lets an application be packaged with everything it needs to run the same in any environment. They offer the versatility of virtual machines — but at a much smaller footprint and cost. This makes containers a superb vehicle for…

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