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  • Why Opt For Cloud Storage Over a Local Server –

    Cloud storage becomes a possibility because of cloud computing — a phenomenon that took the world by storm. Cloud computing is often referred to as the “cloud” and it is better understood as a platform of shared computers connected to each other via the Internet. Cloud storage has displaced the storage of data in local servers to a large extent. Local servers have served people quite efficiently for years, so why are businesses, individuals and enterprises are switching to cloud…

  • 4 Things You Need to Do to Ensure Secure File-Sharing at Your Company

    Data SecurityNinety-five percent of employees in a recent poll said they were able to take from their companies data they didn’t work on themselves. Yikes. Image credit: metamorworks | Getty Images Toby Nwazor   Contributor Consumer Goods Entrepreneur, Freelance Writer July 2, 2018 5 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.   In a survey by Biscom, 95 percent of employees polled said they were able to take from their companies data they didn’t work on themselves….

  • Data Storage and Encryption Should Top the CISO’s To-Do List

    In today’s digitized world, data storage and encryption are surely top of mind for most chief information officers (CIOs). But given the increasing regulations and privacy implications surrounding data security, these measures should also be on the chief information security officer (CISO)’s agenda. Most organizations need to house massive amounts of data to comply with privacy regulations, enable cognitive activities, and facilitate the construction and analysis of attack patterns. At the same time, an effective data storage strategy promotes security…

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