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  • GDPR preparation: Can we still use online collaboration tools?

    Business owner: “We use files sharing and online collaboration tools with access given to people across the company, and sometimes externally. Are we still able to use these tools?” The answer is: Absolutely. Online collaboration tools are pretty crucial to the way that most people work today, and I think there would be considerable upset if the law took them away! That being said, you do need to pay attention to how these tools are being used, who is using…

  • Data Storage and Encryption Should Top the CISO’s To-Do List

    In today’s digitized world, data storage and encryption are surely top of mind for most chief information officers (CIOs). But given the increasing regulations and privacy implications surrounding data security, these measures should also be on the chief information security officer (CISO)’s agenda. Most organizations need to house massive amounts of data to comply with privacy regulations, enable cognitive activities, and facilitate the construction and analysis of attack patterns. At the same time, an effective data storage strategy promotes security…

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