Data Management

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  • Disappearing data? Google now has an app

    Google South Africa’s newly launched Datally app helps people to understand, monitor, track and manage data usage on their devices. For a while now, consumers have labelled data costs in South Africa too expensive and have also been enraged over the disappearance of data. Google South Africa labels data as confusing, hard to control, expensive and unpredictable. Their newly launched data management app aims to address these concerns and problems. The need for this app Asked why there was a need…

  • The rise of multi-cloud and data controllers

    The main advantage of the cloud is that it simplifies data management. To ensure this remains the case in a multi-cloud environment IT managers must ensure they assess business needs in order to determine what cloud services are best suited to fulfil them, before implementing a solid DCL to ensure a consistent and unified strategy is in place Over the past two years the number of organisations adopting a multi-cloud strategy has increased dramatically. According to an IDC report more…

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