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  • 5 Ways Blockchain Will Improve Education

    Blockchain technology is revolutionizing different areas of our society including educational systems. Students and educators at the high school and university levels are reaping benefits from exciting new blockchain technology applications.  We are going to discuss five ways blockchain will improve education in the near future. Transcripts & Records As we walk towards a world without barriers, it is crucial that high-schools and universities have standardized and easily verifiable document structures.  Credentials of students and educators must be transferable in…

  • How blockchain technology could affect the future of network engineering | Network World

    Blockchain, also referred to as distributed ledger, is the concept behind the success of Bitcoin and provides a dynamic digital register of transactions. Think of it as a database that’s distributed throughout a network. Information is continually shared and reconciled throughout multiple nodes and each one has an identical copy of the database. Transactions within this database are audited and agreed upon by consensus. This decentralized method of keeping track of changes ensures the ledger can’t be practically controlled by…

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