Study Shows that Hybrid Storage Plays a Crucial Role in Mitigating Virtualization Issues

However, virtualization technology does not come without its challenges. A majority of IT professionals are facing occasional or ongoing performance issues as they look to maintain highly virtualized center environments that can keep up with business growth, according to a recent report from Tegile Systems and ActualTech Media on the “State of Storage in Virtualization.”


The survey is based on conversations with over 1,000 IT professionals. The following slides explore the results of this research, highlighting the state of virtualization within the data center, common challenges, and the technology being leveraged to rise above these hurdles.


By comparing flash storage architectures side by side, storage administrators can better understand what flash architectures make the most sense for their particular set of applications.


Companies must update protocols to accommodate the explosion of data, implement technologies that support a healthy data storage process, and apply data backup and recovery best practices.


With the rise of both structured and unstructured data and the rapid proliferation of technology, virtualization has become critical to helping organizations handle unprecedented technological challenges in terms of performance and capacity.



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