Spectra Logic Expands Its Tape Library Offerings


by Adam Armstrong

Spectra Logic Expands Its Tape Library Offerings

Today Spectra Logic introduced two new tape library products, expanding its existing family of automated tape storage solutions. These new solutions include a highly scalable, modular and affordable tape library that enables users to start with a single drive and scale up as needed, the Spectra Stack, and a more cost-effective, entry-level version of the company’s T950 Tape Library, the Spectra T950v Tape Library. Spectra will also be offering RoCE 10Gigabit Ethernet connectivity with its IBM TS1155 tape drives for Ethernet tape library integration in Spectra’s T380, T950, T950v and TFinity ExaScale Tape Libraries.

When it comes to maximum capacity for a good price, nobody can beat tape storage. As data grows, backup and archive data grows right along with it and needs to be stored in a cost-effective manner. Spectra Logic’s answer to this is the new Spectra Stack. The Spectra Stack is a 6U module with 10 LTO tape slots. Users can start with a singe tape drive and scale up to a maximum of 560 LTO tapes, adding 10 slots at a time or 80/6U. This can bring a total capacity of 6.7PB (16.75PB with compression) in a single 42U space. The Spectra Stack has a quoted transfer rate of 45TB/hour (105TB/hour compressed).

Not only does the Spectra Stack offer tape flexibility (from 1 tape drive to 560) is also supports both full-height and half-height drives. Companies that leverage tape tend to have older generation drives. The Spectra Stack takes this into account as well and supports several generation of LTO tape drives (LTO-5, 6, 7 and 8) and LTO media (LTO-3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and LTO-7 Type M). New technology can be integrated in to help protect investments.

The Spectra Stack leverages BlueVision software that includes an intuitive color touchscreen, remote web interface, ability to create Shared Library Services (SLS) partitions (up to 20), built-in diagnostics, media lifecycle management, encryption, and encryption key management. Spectra Stack can be integrated with BlackPearl. And customers are eligible for MigrationPass that allows them to consolidate other storage tape library applications, drives and tape cartridges into the Spectra Stack.

Spectra T950 Tape Library is the go to Tape Library form medium-capacity applications. It supports features used in HPC such as BulkTAP access port and remote camera monitoring. While these features are needed for certain customers, the general IT and M&E applications have different needs. The Spectra T950v removes some of the higher end features and add support for half-height drives reducing the installation cost by tens of thousands of dollars and bringing all of the benefits (such as enterprise-grade features and reliability) to more customers. The T950v supports up to 120 LTO-8 drives and media for a total of 120PB (300PB compressed) capacity and data transfer rates up to 155TB/hour (324TB/hour compressed). The T950v will also support the IBM TS11XX Tape Technology.

Capabilities include:

  • Superior density, speed and reliability for exceptional digital preservation
  • Decreased power consumption
  • Reduced media handling through patented TeraPack Technology
  • The ability to TranScale to the world’s largest single library – Spectra’s TFinity ExaScale

Availability and Pricing

The Spectra Stack and T950v Tape Library are available now. Spectra Stack MSRP pricing starts at $9000 for a library with 40 slots and a single LTO-7 tape drive. The IBM TS1155 Ethernet-attached (RoCE) drives are expected to be available in the TFinity ExaScale in June of this year.

Spectra Stack

Spectra T950v Tape Library

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Source: Spectra Logic Expands Its Tape Library Offerings