Solving Tomorrow’s Storage Puzzle

SAN FRANCISCO —For as long as media and entertainment companies have been creating content, they’ve been struggling to answer the question of “where am I going to put it all?” There are ubiquitous choices, from the cloud to near-line archiving to LTO. But simply stashing it is one thing; then there’s the question of cost, capacity, long-term viability, compatibility and (perhaps most importantly to all of us operating in an omnichannel environment), how to find it all afterward. Today’s massive file sizes, bolstered by growing image resolutions, are driving growth in data storage. But drive to where? According to the “2016 Digital Storage for Media and Entertainment Report” from Coughlin Associations, storage in today’s environment is multifaceted: for some archiving situations, SATA HDD storage or tape-based libraries are the answer. For new content creators with little on-the-shelf material to store, remote cloud storage is a wise alternative. For those needing fast playback, flash memory and SSD are the answer. Doug Wynn, vice president of sales for the Americas for SGL THE HYBRID APPROACH Some think the future will be a hybrid approach between on-premise and the cloud. “I think as cloud costs—in particular the cost of restoring material—come down, […]

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