Michael Raam No Longer CEO of Weka IO

Michael Raam No Longer CEO of Weka IO

Real surprise as the file storage company accelerates.

By Philippe Nicolas on 2017.11.15

Michael Raam, CEO of Weka IO since August 2015, has indicated on his LinkedIn page that he ends his CEO role at Weka IO this month. He’s still listed on the Weka leadership page as November is not ended and probably will stay listed until a substitute is announced.

It’s a surprise as the company accelerates with a recent deal with HPE and belongs to the small club of hot companies in the file storage segment.

Raam continues to be an advisor at Nantero and Talena, now Imanis Data (role not visible on their web site), and board director at CNEX Labs, Liqid and more recently at Atonarp.

Previously he worked in firms including Micron, LSI, Sandforce and AMCC.

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