Making distributed storage highly consistent

In recent years, the massive generation of data coupled with frequent storage failures has increased the popularity of distributed storage systems such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, which allow data to be replicated in different, geographically dispersed, storage devices. A significant advancement in this field has been achieved through the recently concluded Marie-Curie Intra European Fellow (MC-IEF) project ATOMICDFS, conducted in the premises of IMDEA Networks Institute. The project has been led by Dr. Antonio Fern├índez Anta, Research Professor at the Institute, as the Principal Investigator, and Dr. Nicolas Nicolaou, as the Marie-Curie Fellow. Due to the dissemination of data in multiple hosts, one of the major problems that distributed storage systems face is maintaining the consistency of data when they are accessed concurrently by multiple operations. In more simple terms, a scenario to resolve could be: what value should a reader in Australia retrieve when a writer concurrently changes the value in Spain? Conventional Distributed Storage Systems fail to provide strong consistency guarantees in such instances, due to the high cost that consistent operations inflict in the system. The algorithms developed by ATOMICDFS provide the means of minimizing such a cost, demonstrating that consistent storage systems […]

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