Intel Doubles Capacity For Its Optane DC P4800X SSD


by Adam Armstrong

Intel Doubles Capacity For Its Optane DC P4800X SSD

Today Intel announced that it has doubled the capacity for its data center Optane DC P4800X SSD. The drive will soon be available in both HHHL AIC and a hot-swappable 2.5” U.2 form factor in both its initial 375GB capacity and the new 750GB capacity. The introduction of higher capacities and new form factors make this drive a more attractive option for data centers.

As we previously said, the Optane SSD DC P4800X series combines some attributes of both memory and storage. This results in high throughput, low latency, high QoS, and high endurance. This can help companiess break through some of the bottlenecks associated with storage to both accelerate some applications and allow more work per server. The drive acts just like an SSD and its performance profile offers new levels of performance to something like a small database that can fit on the drive. The P4800X can also extend memory pools by sharing system memory with the SSD via an additional (cost not disclosed) Linux-based caching software. This would result in a larger, more affordable memory footprint leading to the ability to gain new insights via analytics.

Optane technology is all about performance. Intel claims that users can see 5 to 8 times the performance at low queue depth workloads and the drives can hit a throughput of 500K IOPS or 2GB/s at a queue depth of 11. The drive is able to hit these numbers while keeping latency under 30μs. Performance gains such as the above were mighty enticing but the drive was initially only offered in a 375GB capacity and HHHL form factor. Today Intel has given potential customers more capacity and form factors to allow the drive to fit in their data centers.


The Optane SSD DC P4800X is available now in 375GB, HHHL form factor. The 750GB HHHL and U.2 drives are expected to be available this month.

Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X

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Source: Intel Doubles Capacity For Its Optane DC P4800X SSD