IBM Spectrum Scale 5.0 Release – What’s coming !


IBM Spectrum Scale Version 5.0 has been announced at Super Computing 2017 and is scheduled for general availability by the end of December 2017. So what should you expect from this release of the solution that IDC has rated the world’s No 1 Software Defined Storage – a one stop-shop for unstructured data workloads that require the very best performance and scalability? This latest release has been developed to meet the needs of the US Department of Energy CORAL supercomputer project. It has significant improvements in performance, usability and security, among other things.

Here are some highlights from the development team:

Core filesystem
– We have worked on added performance acceleration via RDMA enhancement (over RDMA transport), enhanced metadata performance, enhanced performance for small files and improved space efficiency.
– Compression feature has been optimized with support for LZ4
– Introducing File Audit Logging logs filesystem events to a retention-enabled fileset to track user access to the file system
– Enhanced usability for secure data at rest (encryption)
– Dynamic modification of NFS exports
– Improved upgrade support for Object
– Ubuntu support for protocol nodes (NFS/SMB/Object)
– Support for File Compression for AFM and AFM DR filesets
– Load balancing enhancements
– ILM support for snapshots for AFM and AFM DR filesets
Management GUI
– Enhancement to manage/configure AFM & TCT
– Network monitoring for both IP and RDMA transports
– Upload diagnostic data to a PMR automatically, etc.
– Expanded REST API for Performance data collection, threshold management, snap creation, addition/removal of nodes from cluster.
Big Data and Analytics
– Certification with HortonWorks Data Platorm 2.6
– Support short circuit write for better performance
– Support 2+ Spectrum Scale file system support in one HDFS Transparency cluster
– Support local read/write bytes statistic for internal disk based Spectrum Scale nodes
Transparent Cloud Tiering
– Remote mounted filesystem support, tier different fileset to different cloud containers, enhanced support for multiple cloud accounts and containers.
** Special Mention**
Spectrum Scale Best Practices for Genomics
– Release of end to end development tested best practices for genomic solution paper based on composable building block approach.

Refer to the enablement material at the following links:!/wiki/General%20Parallel%20File%20System%20(GPFS)/page/White%20Papers%20%26%20Media

PS: Thx to my colleague Nikhil Khandelwal for co-authoring this blog.



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