How to use your PC as cloud storage

Today we will be discussing how to use your PC as cloud storage. Cloud storage is an online/virtual storage for files and folders.Cloud storage providers allow users to upload any size and type of computer file, only e-mail attachments usually have limitations.

Over the years, many organizations have come up with their own solutions to Cloud Storage and Data Privacy.

Although any remote storage is usable for file upload during backup, providers dedicated to “backup as a service” (BaaS) usually perform automatic uploading and store multiple versions of files.

Professional cloud storage services specifically designed for sharing such as Dropbox and Box make it easy to invite others to download files.

Some storage providers are known for storing the same files in sync on every device owned by a particular user. Companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft use their cloud synchronization as way to retain users within a fold.

Types of Cloud Storage

Cloud storage providers that retain data for automatic downloading to the application or Web page of a user, fall under the “content management” group.

There are basically three types of Services related with Cloud, they are:

  • SaaS (Software as a Service) – it allows users to access other available public clouds of large organizations in order to store their data such as Gmail, PaaS.
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service) – It is used for apps or software hosting on others public cloud: For example, Google App Engine which hosts apps of users.
  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) – it is used for virtualization of any machine.


pc cloud storageThis cloud storage software has several functionalities, which are quite similar to that of DropBox. It is a self-hosted file sync and share server. Its open source functionality offers users with great access to a large amount of unlimited storage space.

OwnCloud enables you to keep your files private and secure. Organizations have the ability to access and manage their files through this application.


  • It is written in JavaScript, PHP and available for Windows OS X desktops and can also be used on Android and iOS.
  • It uses WebDav server for remote access and can effectively combine with large number of Databases such as: MariaDB, SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle Database, etc.
  • It has several features such as: File storage and encryption, content sharing across URL’s, Music Streaming, Mozilla sync hosting and RSS/Atom feed reader, Video and PDF viewer, one-click app installation and many more.
  • The latest version contains some new features such as: improved design, notification and retention limits on files in the trash.

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pc cloud storageAnother software you can also use is Seafile. This software is ideal for cloud storage as a file hosting software system because of its versatility. Seafile is compatible with the Windows OS, also usable by mobile client such as Windows Phone.


  • Pydio comes with built-in file encryption.
  • It has a very high performance.
  • It is very easy to upgrade. Within few seconds, you can run a simple script.
  • Syncing and sharing of files, focusing mostly on data safety.
  • Editing of files online
  • Differential sync to reduce required bandwidth
  • Client-side encryption to secure client data.

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pc cloud storageInitially, it was called AjaXplorer. This cloud storage software is good for file hosting, sharing and syncing. Pydio is written in JavaScript and PHP. It is available for Windows OS.

Pydio is one of the most famous and used Cloud Storage Software in the market. It runs on a web server and can easily be accessed through any browser.


  • It has an integrated WebDAV interface making it suitable for online file management.
  • SSL/TLS encryption for encrypted transmission channels.
  • It secures data and ensures privacy.
  • It has a customizable UI.
  • It is a web rich application.
  • It enables users connect to several storage systems.
  • It has great access control management.
  • It has a text editor with syntax highlighting.
  • It has an audio and video playback.
  • It integrates S3, Amazon, MySQL or FTP Databases.
  • It has an image editor.
  • It enables file or folder sharing even through public URL’s.

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pc cloud storageThis cloud storage software was released in March 2014.  This cloud storage software is compatible with Windows OS and it is an open source cloud storage and file sharing application.

Currently available as a command line tool for all supported platforms; however, the GUI version is still under active development.


  • One of the most vital features about Syncany is that it is a tool and expects you to bring in your own storage such as WebDAV or Samba Shares, FTP or SFTP storage, Amazon S3 buckets etc.
  • It has a 128-bit AES+Twofish/GCM encryption for all data leaving the local machine.
  • It enables secure backup.
  • It allows encryption of files before uploading.
  • It has a file sharing support which enables you to share your files with your friends.
  • It has offsite storage as selected by the user instead of provider-based storage.
  • It has an on-demand or interval-based backups.
  • It has a binary compatible file versioning.
  • It reduplicates files locally.
  • It is very good for organizations and companies who prefer using their own storage space rather than trusting the storage space of these software providers.

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pc cloud storageThis cloud file sharing or synchronization software is a complete package of functions that enables you to build your complete App Engine.

Just like Syncany, this software offers flexibility to users in terms of storage space. However, it depends on some open source software’s for a complete functioning such as: Whoosh for indexing and the CouchDB for Database storage. It is compatible with the Windows OS.


  • It allows you to store and share files easily.
  • It enables the automatic importing of bills.
  • It has the ability to store all Contacts, Calendar, Files, etc in the Cloud and sync them between smartphone and laptop.
  • It provides users the ability to create their own apps and share them with other users by sharing the repository Git URL.
  • It has HTML5 video game consoles.
  • It can host static websites.

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The cloud storage software’s list in this post some popular Open Source Cloud storage and synchronization software’s which have gained much popularity over the years and been able to enter and create a mark in this industry.

These cloud storage software’s are the best to store, control and manage the files on your PC. It also have an easy-to-use interface.

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