Five Things To Watch In Enterprise Storage In 2017

Enterprise storage has historically been a market that is slow to change, but a number of factors are making this an interesting space to watch right now. Vendors like Dell EMC, (HPE), , , Pure Storage and others are servicing the storage market with on-premise traditional storage systems and server-based storage products. In addition, these traditional storage vendors are being challenged by public cloud storage-as-a-service offerings from the likes of AWS, Cloud, Azure and others. (Source: Pixabay) I expect to see a unique set of dynamics play out in enterprise storage over the coming years. Here are the top five things I believe will have a major influence on the enterprise storage market in 2017… New data models will drive the need for new storage technologies . The confluence of mobile applications, cloud computing and the internet of things (IoT) is causing massive increases in the volume of data that needs to be moved, processed and stored by IT. Not only is the volume of data exploding, but the data itself, sources for data and usage models are undergoing significant transformation. Storage systems designed for traditional applications may not be the best fit for new data-intensive workloads such as intelligent edge computing and big data analytics. These new workloads are driving the need for new technologies, products and business models. Public cloud storage will continue to grow (but doesn’t meet all needs) . The public cloud has removed the headache of buying and managing hardware with a model that allows IT to easily spin up storage resources in the cloud almost instantaneously. However, data sovereignty requirements, security concerns, and public cloud bandwidth costs for data-intensive workloads mean that some workloads will continue to live in on-premises datacenters for the foreseeable future. With this in mind, many IT organizations are […]

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