Data Privacy Advocates Worry FCC Rule Repeal Harms Consumers

Today’s topics include how a recent data privacy rule appeal could affect competition for companies like Google, Amazon moving call centers to the cloud with Amazon Connect, Microsoft’s efforts to replace the office phone with Skype for Business and Brocade’s new fibre channel switch for flash data centers.

Internet giants like Google and Facebook could soon be confronted with new rivals in the targeted advertising space.

Congress is considering rolling back Obama-era internet privacy laws that have not yet been implemented that would have prohibited wireless internet carriers from selling consumer data to third parties for advertising purposes.

If the Congressional Review Action resolution is approved, internet service providers will be free to sell data on consumers’ online habits to advertisers for use in targeted advertisements.

Amazon Web Services has launched Amazon Connect, a self-service contact center service designed to make it easy for a business to provide professional customer service at much lower cost than it takes to set up a physical call center and hire people for 24/7 duty in various languages.

With it, enterprises will be able to subscribe to a call center based in the cloud, letting other people handle time-consuming but important customer calls.

Amazon’s new Amazon Connect will remove call center control from IT teams and specialized consultants. Instead, Amazon’s new cloud-based platform can be configured and run directly by line-of-business employees.

Microsoft’s latest upgrades for Skype for Business borrow features from sophisticated office phone systems, with hopes that the video and voice communications platform can eventually replace those same phone systems.

Skype for Business Cloud PBX encompasses a suite of advanced private branch exchange capabilities typically used in office environments and call centers.

Two of the new features are Auto Attendant, which automatically answers and routes inbound calls, and Call Queues, which routes calls to the next available attendant in the order they are received.

All-flash data centers are just taking off in the IT world, and Brocade is poised to take advantage of this trend with its new G610 switch.

The storage networking hardware and software maker on March 28 introduced the entry-level hardwired storage switch, which is specifically designed for 24/7 connectivity to an all-flash data center.

The G610 switch runs on Brocade Gen 6 Fibre Channel connectivity and provides up to 32 Gbps performance and enterprise-class functionality, Brocade said. It is designed for a variety of environments, ranging from small shared storage fabrics to network-edge deployments in data centers.

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Source: Data Privacy Advocates Worry FCC Rule Repeal Harms Consumers