ChalkTalk Video: Banning Excel Spreadsheet from Storage Management

The use of Excel spreadsheets as a management tool has to end. The problem is what to replace it with? The problem in finding replacements are “modern” tools are difficult to install and are often only able to collect information on one vendor’s system.


In this ChalkTalk Video, Storage Switzerland and SolarWinds discuss potential solutions to the Excel Spreadsheet problem that are not difficult to use and you can use with a number of storage systems.

Excel spreadsheets are the well-worn method IT administrators use to manage oversight of their storage systems. The spreadsheets track what servers serve to what LUN, how much capacity is available per LUN and how much capacity is available to assign. Keeping these spreadsheets up to date was a challenge in the days of physical servers with dedicated LUNS. Now with virtualized servers and shared LUNS, keeping up with this information is nearly impossible. Also IT managers need to know more than how much capacity is available, they also need comparative performance statistics.



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