• Docusign and Pivotal Both Look Poised for Strong IPOs

    Though the IPO floodgates haven’t quite opened up for consumer tech unicorns, they have for their enterprise tech counterparts. This year has already seen web/cloud security software firm Zscaler (ZS) , subscription-management software firm Zuora (ZUO) and (with the qualifier that the company services both consumers and businesses) cloud storage giant Dropbox (DBX) deliver strong IPOs. And several other enterprise software/services providers, confident that the waters are now safe to jump into, have filed to go public. Here’s a look…

  • Two storage startups walk into a bar
    Two storage startups walk into a bar. One gulps investor funds, one sips gently

    It’s all about secondary storage these days. We are talking about a market that is estimated to grab 80 to 90 per cent of the overall capacity installed and 40/50 per cent of the total storage expenditure in a few years from now. Tellingly, their $/GB is much lower than for primary storage). Part of this storage will be object/cloud based, to the benefit of a few object storage vendors and CSPs like Scality, Caringo, DDN or AWS and Azure….

  • Storage Market Judgement Day

    For the storage market, judgment day will come some time in 2017. That’s when sales of solid state storage devices will exceed conventional spinning hard drive sales—at least according to a report in The Register that is based on Gartner data and estimates provided by investment firm Stifel. Stifel predicts that conventional hard disk drive (HDD) sales will rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4 percent from $9.1bn in 2014 to $11.0 in 2017. By contrast, the…

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