7 Tech Predictions For 2018 And Beyond


The technology trends of 2017 were big and impactful, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and many self-service platforms enhancing human experience. Today technology helps people and businesses accomplish so much more than they could even think a decade ago. Technology is evolving and meshing up into business processes and everyday lives seamlessly. As technology reaches a newer level, we can expect the following trends in the coming times:

Integrating New Data into Existing Data Streams

From wearables to facial and voice recognition, there are new types of data that can provide insight which haven’t been utilized yet. Integrating a wide range of datasets into marketing campaigns can drive customer signups, lead generation and sales. Companies can integrate new data streams from activity trackers, gym networks and grocery stores to reward customers for loyalty. This new data can also help correctly time tailored notifications, messages and promotions across platforms for consumers.

IoT is no longer about Things

The convergence of the digital and physical worlds makes it inevitable to stay connected. Businesses harnessing the power of IoT, will gradually shift from product-centric to service-centric business models to deliver convenience to customers throughout the product’s life cycle. Companies selling products will also become service- oriented as their business value moves from products to the enhanced customer experiences they enable. This inclusion of IoT will fundamentally change how businesses operate, interact with customers and earn profits. In the coming times, internet of things will not just be about things but about services positioned to meet newer customer demands and will unlock new sources of revenue.

360-degree Videos and Augmented Reality for 2018 Pokémon Go feels like years ago now, and Augmented Reality is ready to move on to the next level. we have seen a surge in many apps with AR launched in 2017 and there will be more to come in 2018. Apple has built-in support for augmenting whatever the phone’s camera captures with additional information. This means that AR is suddenly within the reach of hundreds of app developers as well as customers. Expect to see VR, AR and 360-degree videos as the next tech trend to become popular since they can be great medium for showcasing or previewing your products and services or encourage product trials. 360-degree Video is becoming the most popular, quick and influential form of digital content for businesses today.

Wearable wallet on your wrists In 2018 a growing number of our devices can become payment devices – car keys, vending machines, smart phones, connected cars, sports watches etc.  Artificial Intelligence and IoT will generate intelligent and personalized context-aware customer services, enabling more tailored solutions to help customers make better financial decisions and help companies reduce their operational costs. In 2018, several new device payment systems can be expected, you may have your wallet on your wrists or controlling payments remotely from your wearables.

Self-driven cars on the roads

Well, thanks to what technology and artificial intelligence has brought to the table, we have got the self-driving car concept. The concept of self-driving cars is still being developed by companies like Google and Tesla Motors, but significant progress has been made so far. But sooner, we may get to see them in commercial use. The idea of self-driving cars revolves around eliminating the human factor in driving, reducing the driving stress and thus reducing the number of traffic accidents and traffic jams.

Your assistant isn’t virtual anymore

Now it’s time to explore another form of User Interface that might feel even more natural and intuitive: speech. We already have experienced speech recognition- whether it’s in the form of iPhone’s Siri, Android’s Google Now, or Windows Cortana. These services are designed to let you interact with your phone and satiate all your leisure, digital or informational activities. It’s an amazing feat of engineering, but it may not be quite perfect. But with great innovations happening with microchips and cloud computing, we can expect virtual assistants to become frighteningly accurate soon. In the coming times, you may imagine your virtual assistants to understand your speech perfectly, understand the context behind the questions you ask; they will recognize the indirect signals given off by your tone of voice; they will even engage in long form conversations with you

Data storage innovations in the pipeline

There are limits to the capacity we can squeeze into and the performance we can squeeze out of traditional hard disks using existing designs and manufacturing processes. But to our relief, science is coming to the rescue. A few near- and long-term innovations will be done by hard disk drive manufacturers to satisfy our storage-hungry society. Better hard disk drives, Solid state hard drives, Phase Change Memory (PCM), Resistive Random Access Memory (RRAM) and 3D flash memory will bring in the next generation of data storage to offer more memory capacity, speed, endurance and power efficiency. These innovations will take by storm the data storage industry and will create the need to shift to cloud based platforms.

[The author is Vice President – Head of products and solutions, Absolutdata Analytics]



Source: 7 Tech Predictions For 2018 And Beyond