164 Million SSD Units Shipped in 2017, Up 11% From 2016

This is an abstract of NAND/SSD Information Service CQ4 ’17 Quarterly Update – February 20, 2018 Executive Summary, by Trendfocus, Inc.

CQ4 ’17 SSD Shipments Rise 6% to 42.485 Million Units
Client SSDs and Enterprise PCIe Post Healthy Growth

Total SSD capacity shipped increased 7.7% sequentially to 16.7EB;
enterprise PCIe outpaced other categories,
jumping 48.3% Q/Q to more than 1.4 million units

• Multiple client SSD vendors had solid unit growth in both modules and DFF, with DFF shipments climbing nearly 13% to 14.56 million units.
• Client module SSDs still dominate over DFF with 22 million units and 5.641EB shipped – 46% higher capacity shipped than DFF.
• Although enterprise SATA SSDs posted the largest percentage drop of all SSD segments, it maintained the highest unit and capacity shipments of all enterprise segments at 3.780 million units and 3.274EB.
• SAS SSDs stalled for the second quarter in a row, falling 1.6% Q/Q to 0.710 million units, but capacity shipments grew slightly to 1.546EB.
• Enterprise PCIe shipments of 1.433 million units and 2.361EB maintains a solid second position of the three enterprise interfaces – the transition from SATA to PCIe continues in some segments.
• NAND bits shipped rose 7.8% sequentially to 49.66EB in CQ4 ’17 – for the year, NAND bits shipments grew nearly 39% to 175.51EB.
• 3D NAND accounted for 63% or 31.5EB in CQ4 ’17; NAND bits for phones and SSDs equaled 42% and 38%, respectively.
• For calendar year 2017, the industry shipped over 164 million SSD units, an 11.3% Y/Y increase, while annual exabyte growth was 20.8%, despite tight supply and pricing challenges seen throughout the year.

CQ4 ’17 Total SSD Market: 42.485 Million Units

CQ4 ’17 Total SSD Market: 16.680EB

*Exabytes shipped for raw NAND reflect physical capacity. Exabytes shipped for SSDs reflect user capacity.


Source: 164 Million SSD Units Shipped in 2017, Up 11% From 2016