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Throughout the history of business, well before modern times, humans  have used data to make more informed decisions. It is  one of the main drivers of human progress. The  history of  data storage dates to  pre-historic times where cave people used  manganese oxide and charcoal to document  information on rock walls. Chinese ordinarily wrote documents on bamboo. In  India palm leaves served  as a storage medium. During the time of the Incas, they used the Quipu that served as memory and consisted of knots. So the industry we are in is ancient and has been indispensable since the dawn of mankind.  The world of computer data storage has never been more exciting especially since the advent of cloud data storage. The power of data storage devices is now enabling society to acquire insights from data that boggles the mind.

The Storage Inquirer will be dedicated to

  • providing valuable content for all things related to data and storage. 
  • documenting the achievements of those in the industry
  • providing additional information that our readers and community desires


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